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Business Plan - Term Paper: Company background We, three students from Berkeley College, want to expand the ever-expanding poker market for investors through our start-up company, TreatyPoker. We hope to provide a new investment opportunity with a higher and calculable risk, but also a very high return potential. This will also show the views of young poker players. Our start-up company provides services to poker players and at the same time provides them with special opportunities to participate in tournaments; due to lack of equity, they will not be able to participate, especially for investors. Poker players have the opportunity to apply for TreatyPoker, which will be included in the company database after a thorough review. Players can introduce themselves to investors in it. Investors select suitable players from the database, and simplify the selection for investors through different ratings and special contracts with players. The transparency of past data and statistical analysis with poker players is a huge factor because it will meet the interest needs of high-risk investments. Two signatories: investors and poker players, may be in contact with each other. The main focus is to clarify key contract details, such as profit sharing or the duration of the business relationship. We will also act as an intermediary and construct framework conditions such as contracts to protect investors and poker players. We have developed an innovative platform as one of the first operational business models in the poker investment market to establish unprecedented new investment options in the market and provide poker players with the opportunity to participate in major tournaments. 1.2 Resources, Facilities and Equipment Resources Treaty Poker contributes financial, human, material and intellectual resources. These resources are the most important assets when developing a business model. The financial resources of Treaty Poker depend on the company name; the startup cost of the company; access to the Internet, while ensuring that investors do have the money to invest in poker players. Treaty Poker's human resources will develop safety guidelines for investors and poker players. This will prohibit any violent or unsafe environment and trade-offs. The physical resources of Treaty Poker are the computers and/or laptops used during games and investments. A proper investment workspace will help investors pay attention to their players while playing cards. Appropriate gaming facilities will be placed so that poker players can feel comfortable in their environment. There must be a stress-free environment. Intellectual resources keep Treaty Poker organized. The mission and goals of our TreatyPoker company will be efficiently and professionally executed when resources are established in our company. 1.3 Marketing method The marketing method used by TreatyPoker is the core of establishing equity and will target our market. Our target market is investors who are willing to invest in all or none of the poker players they invest in. Investors must be Millennials (18-34 years old), Generation X (35-50 years old) and Baby Boomers (51-69 years old). Anyone can invest in a poker player, but not everyone can become a poker player. Our target market is also top poker players, who are not only ready to lose a little, but also ready to win a lot. Top poker players such as Antonio Esfandiari (Magic), Daniel Colman (mrGR33N13) and Daniel Negreanu (Kidpoker) will be ideal Treatypoker targets. The age group will be between 21 and 61 years old. This shows that our target market is diversified. Marketing activities are mainly carried out online. Google Adwords and social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat will become our channels. In particular, Instagram will not only be used for advertising. We hope to reach out to influencers like famous poker players who will promote our services. We will also place an explanation video on our homepage to accurately explain our work. We strive to raise awareness of public relations, such as well-known investment magazines, poker magazines and online magazines. In addition, we will run a blog of our own. Posters for casinos and poker tournaments will be placed in different poker tournaments. Ideally, we can sponsor top players and equip them. We will try to track different activities as much as possible to obtain quantitative data. We hope to expand our business and build as much brand awareness as possible. 1.4 Shareholding structure TreatyPoker was founded by three shareholders with equal shares. The management is also taken over by shareholders. Among shareholders, various areas of responsibility are assigned to their areas of expertise. This means that the scope of responsibility for marketing and sales, strategy and operations management, customer service, and technology (maintenance) can be carried out in a qualified manner within the company. This ensures that the most important level of corporate governance is protected. If TreatyPoker is larger than a certain size, additional settings must be made. The administrative and customer service staffing plan provides sufficient human resources for customer issues and problems, and maintains partnerships with other companies. CEO of BarenburgistreatyPoker. As Mr. Barenburg said: “The world has never been so vibrant. Digitalization has disrupted established revenue models and urges everyone to rethink the market and its business model. As the CEO of TreatyPoker, Mr. Barenburgis is ahead of these developments and his Method to lead the company to bring success, growth and high return on investment to TreatyPokers investors. Read Less