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Business plan for a backpacker tour operator in Western Australia

Written by A. Mazur

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Bachelorarbeit: Business plan: "OZRoadtrippers" This part of the undergraduate thesis includes a detailed business plan for a new backpacker travel agency called "OZRoadtrippers". It contains all relevant components of the business plan and is written in the corresponding text. Western Australia-white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, fiery red beaches and cliffs, huge trees, beautiful and breathtaking scenery, opportunities for off-road adventure and unspoiled wilderness. This is what people dream of Australia, and it is an ideal place for young travelers and explorers! The new travel agency "OZRoadtrippers" for young travelers will make this dream come true! „Traveling with OZRoadtrippers, you can enjoy the best time of your life! In a thrilling and interesting adventure, you will meet new people, feel the Australian way of life, and experience the beauty of Western Australia.” OZRoadtrippers hopes for a young budget Travelers create "a once-in-a-lifetime" experience. We attach great importance to the fun atmosphere, adventurous level and entertainment of the trip. We want everyone to know: Here, you can spend a lifetime. Our goal is to develop OzRoadtrippers into the most popular operator for budget travelers in Western Australia. Due to the growth potential of Australia's backpacker tourism industry, new opportunities have emerged. Compared with the crowded east coast of Australia, the backpacker tourism market in Western Australia is not saturated. In particular, day trips for backpackers are a niche market in Western Australia. There is not much competition, because Perth's existing tours are not aimed at backpackers and are very expensive. This is why OZRoadtrippersasanew's extraordinary target group-oriented tour operator provides great opportunities for Western Australia's backpackers. The operator is located in East Posende, the legal structure is a partnership, and the founders are Agnes Mazur and Michael Brookes. The motivation for starting this travel agency in Western Australia stems from Agnes's successful attempt to organize small trips for backpackers in Western Australia. She has traveled as a backpacker for a long time, so she knows exactly what these young travelers want and need. Operators will take into consideration emerging backpacker trends and backpackers’ motivations, and tailor trips according to their specific needs. We will target backpackers and young travelers, promote our trips as extraordinary adventures, and provide trips to places that other tour operators have not yet visited, so that we can stand out from our competitors. In addition, we will attach great importance to the atmosphere of travel, adventure and entertainment. Our unique selling proposition is to focus on socializing, adventure and entertainment, which keeps pace with the new backpacker trend. 3.2. Business details, founders and personal motivations OZRoadtrippers is a new backpacker-oriented tour operator based in Western Australia in East Perth. The legal structure of OZRoadtrippers is a partnership, with partners Agnes Mazur and Michael Brookes. The following section introduces the personalities of OZRoadtrippers founders Agnes Mazur and Michael Brookes, and describes their motivations for starting a tourism business in Western Australia. Agnes Mazur is 23 years old. He received a bachelor's degree in tourism management from Ostfalia University in Salzgitter and went to Germany to study in 2015. Worked as a tour guide for the German youth travel company RUF, an entertainer in a five-star hotel in Mexico, and a consultant for AustraliaOne, an inbound tour operator. As an experienced budget traveler, she has been to many countries in the world and has also traveled around Australia as a backpacker. She is a very interesting and outgoing person, who likes to entertain people and create good memories. In order to achieve her goals, she is very hardworking and active. Traveling, entertainment and organizing tours and activities are her passion. This is why she will guide OZRoadtrippers' trips. In addition, she will also be responsible for marketing and events. Michael Brookes is 28 years old and a skilled media designer. He completed his studies in media design at Torrens University in Adelaide in 2011. After finishing his studies, he moved to Perth and worked here as a self-employed web designer in his home office. He is a friendly and open-minded person, he is firm and hard working. As a creative media designer, he will be responsible for all media and design issues, such as creating websites and designing flyers. In addition, he will help with administrative affairs as he has many years of self-employment experience in Australia. Our motivations for starting a travel business in Western Australia (WA) are very broad. The idea of ​​setting up a travel agency in Western Australia began in 2014, when Agnes started exploring the surrounding area of ​​Perth in his own car and discovered many beautiful natural attractions. Some of these places are already common among backpackers, but there are no tour groups to go there. More and more friends or other travelers ask Agni to go to these places because they don't have a car. They even provided her with service fees and became popular through the word-of-mouth "travel" of Agnes. This is how Agnes discovered the potential of such a travel agency in the region. We believe that the backpacker tourism market in Western Australia is not saturated compared to Australia's east coast tourism and congestion. Especially for backpackers, day trips are a niche market in Western Australia. Read Less