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Key Performance Indicators for E-commerce

Written by Anish Nepal

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Bachelor Thesis: KPI of e-commerce According to the research of Gharakhani & Alirezaairajpour (2014), performance indicators are very important in the home appliance industry. The overall relationship and intensity impact between them are very important to the success of e-commerce in this industry. The main goal of this research is to determine the KPIs for e-commerce through the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) method of the household appliance business. The balanced scorecard is an indicator to measure the performance of strategic management. It helps to improve the different internal functions of the company, and connects higher-level tasks, vision and other elements with performance, initiatives and other operational-level elements. From this research, we can use the BSC model to evaluate key performance indicators, and then examine the impact of these indicators on the home appliance e-commerce business. This research focuses on the six structures of the BSC model, including learning, customers, society, growth, finance, and internal processes. By applying this quantitative judgment, we can determine the performance of the company. The "Decision Test and Evaluation Laboratory" (DEMATEL) method is used to indicate the level of accidental relationships. By building strategies for delivery, quality, flexibility, and inventory, we may be able to better understand all the performance indicators in e-commerce. Many organizations do not use this indicator effectively and therefore cannot perform well in their business. For the success of the organization's business, the accurate identification and execution of these key performance indicators is very important. (Gharakhani & Alirezaairajpour, 2014). According to the research of Sergei Kaganski, Jüri Majak, Kristo Karjust and Silver Toompalu (2017), the key performance indicators of household appliances in the enterprise analysis model are newly introduced to provide powerful tools. The process of management. The model was tested in a private company; there is a complete package in the model for better management of the organization. This model is most suitable for saving analysis and selection time. By using this model, we can create a better competitive environment and a shorter product life cycle. For the excellent performance of an organization, it is extremely important to accurately measure their results. For this reason, there should be a correct matrix for good measurement, because the use of an inefficient matrix will always lead to the wrong measurement of performance. Enterprise analysis models are powerful tools for analyzing company performance without compromising quality. 2.1 Results and KPIs According to research by Seyed Kamal Chaharsooghi*, Nasrin Beigza-deh and Arman Sajedinejad (2016), most commercial establishments and electrical stores in Iran ended in failure. There are different ways to evaluate the performance of these sites. The main reason for this failure is the balanced scorecard, which is rarely used in China to evaluate this position. In order to overcome this problem, the first thing we have to do is to apply the BSC method to identify the different prospects of BSC. Later, DEMATEL technology was also used to correctly check the relationship between these four perspectives of the BSC model. Finally, the overall results are generated through structural equation modeling software to confirm the adequacy of the suggested model of the website and improve the graphics of the website. By applying all the above methods one by one, we can effectively measure the overall performance of the website and improve the overall performance and efficiency of the website. The adoption of these methods largely depends on the nature of the organization and the basic requirements of its structure (Chaharsooghi, Beigzadeh, & Sajedinejad, 2016). According to the research Ralu-caION (2016) of Mihaela I. MUNTEAN, Diana TÂRNĂVEANU1, Alina, one of the focuses of e-commerce business is sales. Studies have shown that the shopping cart is an essential performance indicator in an electronic store because it is the first step to bring sales. The research paper implements three performance indicators: order conversion rate, order average product and order average, which are used to monitor business processes. By using these KPIs, you can evaluate the organization's work performance, and you can also calculate future estimated performance. Once the company has determined its goals and mission statement, the stakeholders and the people they measure the process of achieving the organization's goals. The performance indicators selected by the company reflect the company's performance and the extent to which it achieves its goals (MUN-TEAN1, TÂRNĂVEANU and ION, 2016). According to the research of Mohsen Alvandi, Safar Fazli, Leila Yazdani, and Milad Aghaee (2016), they analyzed that the balanced scorecard is one of the effective techniques for evaluating performance. In reality, BSC reflects the dependencies and issues related to feedback well. This model is used for decision making; however, it depends on various criteria. SAPCO is one of the major Iranian backup suppliers. After analyzing the measurement of the network process (ANP), we measure the relationship between the weights. The results of ANP show that customers are the most influential factor. Read Less