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Premium beverage business and its leadership

What can we learn from Premium and how can leaders foster society-wide transformations effectively?

Written by B. Park

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Term Paper:The second part. Leadership and quality: The ten virtues of outstanding leaders and the key aspects of their fashion style introduced in Premium 2.1 The qualities that outstanding leaders usually emphasize and need. Gini and Green (2013) analyzed a large number of studies to identify ten constant virtues that contribute to outstanding leadership. These studies answered questions such as "What specific values, personal traits or characteristics do people look for and admire in leaders?" And so on. And "What are we looking for in a leader, and are we willing to follow his direction?" These ten virtues are considered to be understandable for Uwe Lübbermann's leadership 30. By understanding which of his personal characteristics and the way he leads the competition has different virtues, I want to share an example of an outstanding leader. [Dee ph hones ty] "Honesty is the absolute foundation," Uwe said. Learning from the concept of Premium and business activities based on transparency and trust, it is not difficult to reach agreement. "I don't need to say everything, but when I speak, it should be true. I formulate statements based on facts and my opinions. This is derived by analyzing the background of each situation, and my presentation may be Will influence the decisions of others", Uwe’s comment reflects his honesty. As mentioned earlier, he publicly shared his views and encouraged others to do the same. [Moral Courage] "I am not a brave person because I have taken very careful steps to grow the company. In order to avoid risks and mistakes, I took a slow process and did not make bold decisions, such as quitting my previous job to become An entrepreneur has not obtained any bank loans, etc. [...] Obviously, being easy to be criticized and discussed and willing to stand up for the values ​​of Premium is the easiest and less stressful way to avoid problems." , Uwe explained, and humbly denied this virtue. However, he demonstrated his strong moral courage on the path of Premium, because he has been constantly questioning and changing the generally accepted rules based on his values ​​and vision. And how he, as a consumer of African Coke, stood up against the company because he believed that they regarded consumers as inferior products and also demonstrated virtue. [Ethics] When it comes to ethics, there is a story that embodies virtues well. One of the two group members was fired for stealing the company, demanding a company car and four times the salary. His request was ‘vetoed’ by members of the collective, and since then, he has begun to attack people and organizations. This behavior got worse until he was fired, once it was proved that he was stealing. " [Fair] "I have been trying to find a fair solution for everyone, but this is very challenging because there is no objective fairness, only subjective personal opinions. Sometimes I also feel that being treated unfairly, if I spend A lot of time and energy to manage a certain process is assigned to others to get a larger share of the reward, or because most of my work needs to manage complex situations without a clear description, unlike other jobs that have a clear task overview. In In this case, I share my views and listen to other views in order to find a fairer agreement between the two parties." As shared by Uwe, this approach seems to be generally accepted and used in Premium. As people have different positions, changes in business and continuous development of the environment, achieving fairness will be a difficult goal. However, when leaders continue to work hard like Uwe and propose to achieve goals, people seem to be more involved in the process. [Excellent intelligence] This trait has been well observed in Uwe, although he prefers to call it "listening to the voice of foreign partners." The beverage business is new to him, so Uwe invites everyone to express their opinions and learn from it so that he can prevent him from making mistakes. He shared a story expressing his point of view: “A stadium in Germany installed round-shaped chairs for spectators, but after the installation, it was discovered that the chairs were not easy to clean. As a result, the stadium looked ugly and the chairs were dirty. If the project is responsible Anyone who seeks the opinions of cleaners can avoid such mistakes.” Uwe’s belief in human equality also seems to help him to value everyone’s opinions without prejudice and strictly pursue superior intelligence. [Creative thinking] This virtue represents Premium's business philosophy, philosophy and operations, and most of the unconventional aspects of the organization are influenced by the founder. Uwe said: "I would rather call it using common sense to find a solution that fits a given situation and philosophy, rather than adopting an already developed solution that others follow." With this characteristic of Uvi, even if some ideas seem obvious, he will not take it for granted, and he tries to find his own answers and rules independently, showing his creative thinking ability. 【Aesthetic Sensitivity】Premium strives to maintain the simple design of its products, does not display any brands or symbols, and does not sacrifice the aesthetic integrity of the product. It is based on the concept of building more ordinary, humble and environmentally friendly packaging, and focuses on driving communication. Read Less