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How are Brands that use Instagram as Social Media Platform to advertise and promote their Brand perceived by their Customers

Written by S. Sreenivasan

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Term Paper: Development hypothesis/hypothesis Seiter and Fischer (2013) pointed out that Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in history. Facebook founder Marc Zuckerberg also said that when the app had only 30 million users, the app recognized and purchased the app. Six years later, Instagram announced in June 2016 that about 500 million people worldwide use Instagram. Roth (2016) made it clear that more than 300 million people use Instagram every day. Instagram is active and approximately 80% of users live outside the United States. Smith (2014) pointed out that social media enables users to connect, form networks or communities, and create and share content. Recently, brands have more doors than ever to communicate with their shoppers. Okazaki and Taylor (2013) describe how social media life is different from computer-centric communications. Feature: We have moved towards gradual and unmistakable accessibility and expanded joint efforts in creation-the center of power has also shifted from the association to the buyer. Due to the increasingly networked society, customers can cooperate with different customers, and it is very important to organize investigations of this non-transactional customer behavior (Verhoef et al., 2010). Van Dorn et al. (2010) Describes customer engagement behavior as "behavior that goes beyond trading, and may be clearly defined as customer behavior with brand or company focus, beyond purchase, and driven by motivation." The company hopes to interact with loyal customers and learn from them , To influence local community members in their views on the brand, and to transmit information and disseminate data. Therefore, Gummerus et al. (2012) Define customer engagement as the core of the brand network. Taking into account the reasonable concerns of experts and consultants in various companies and organizations around the world, customer participation has been stimulated. The development of the conspiracy is similar to the development of the Internet and Web 2.0. It is the intuitive concept of social media that expands the organization's potential, making it more likely to serve and understand customer needs (Sashi, 2012). By using new technologies such as social media, organizations will connect with existing and potential brand enthusiasts and better understand their needs. Some people believe that the Internet is seen as the basis for building loyal customer engagement (Sashi, 2012). Gummeruset al. (2012) believes that customer participation can be seen as an indication of behavior, which is seen as the result of social media life and the way in which individuals communicate with each other. 3 Design Questionnaire/Interview Guide In this research, I want to use quantitative research to measure our research questions, because I can generalize in the future, this research may help to better understand how customers participate in brand image on Instagram And brand promotion, which helps provide collected data for brands that want more efficient advertising, brand promotion and customer interaction on Instagram. This is one of the advantages of quantitative research. In addition, it tests people’s behavior, so at the end of the study, we may see the influence and reputation of a brand on its brand enthusiasts on the Instagram platform. Overall, this will also help us see that good customer engagement in Instagram helps brands sell and promote their products, and attract more new customers for the brand. In addition, I may also be able to estimate the hypothesis Whether the variables in are relevant. Quantitative research is useful in our case because this method is static and can be planned in advance. In addition, we have a deductive research that applies deductive research when data is created by theory, and its corresponding inductive research is to collect theories from data. Theories already exist, and we hope to collect (test) data to prove whether our hypothesis is right or wrong. In our research, we hope to accomplish this through convenience sampling. Our population is those in Germany. They are currently online due to the current COVID19 blockade. The survey is posted on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and What's apps. My sample survey was conducted by 37 people from the aforementioned platforms. So, we have a non-probability sampling because we are sampling in a convenient way. Everyone currently online is a possible unit of our sample, but they are in the right place at the right time. Since I only have a short time to collect data, this is also a good way to get data. In fact, if we had a "real" survey, we would not get representative data. I decided to investigate online because I can easily receive data in a short time. Because I hope it can be tested within the scope of this course. In order to find the right data, I developed a questionnaire for our online survey through the Microsoft Form survey service. Through our questions, we want to clarify the behaviors of our sample related to the promotion, branding and advertising of its products/services on the Instagram platform. First of all, I want to figure out if this person uses Instagram as their social media platform and see if this person is. Read Less