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The IKEA Experience

A case study on how different factors in the retail environment affect customer experience

Written by R. Isaksson, M. Suljanovic

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Thesis: Factors that influence customers' choice to visit IKEA In order to find out the factors that influence customers' decision to shop at IKEA, we asked the interviewees 11 questions. These questions are based on seven different types of factors stated in the conceptual framework. These factors are discussed in the same order as in the conceptual framework; social motivation, in-store graphics, product availability, information availability, access, delivery speed, and shopping time required. About the social motivation of customers. The size of the company that respondents usually carry when they visit IKEA. Respondents can say that they have never been to IKEA themselves, but the size of their company is different. Female respondents usually go to the company four, while men The interviewee has never brought more than one person to IKEA. The female interviewee added that since the nearest IKEA retailer is far away, this is not a usual store visit, but a kind of travel, which inspired her answer. On the other hand, male respondents lived closer to IKEA retailers. Regarding whether their visit to IKEA was a planned or spontaneous thing, the male respondents replied that it is usually a planned thing because of the location of the IKEA retailer, and because the IKEA visit is something you have to make time, Because the visit is usually very time consuming. Other interviewees said that half of her IKEA trip was planned because she was far away from home; she happened to be close to the IKEA retailer, so she didn't plan other store visits in advance. When it comes to in-store pictures, IKEA provides customers with food and beverages and babysitting services. Regarding whether the interviewee patronizes IKEA cafes or restaurants during the interview, the female interviewee said that she usually patronizes this restaurant because she feels comfortable shopping there. The male interviewee said that he at least always buys hot dogs at IKEA because he finds that he wants to eat there and the price is cheap. Neither of the interviewees had taken their children to IKEA, so they both answered no. Both interviewees have their own views on the overall design of the IKEA store. Male respondents think the store design is very sporadic, even a bit monotonous. 4.2 Retail environment design to enhance customer experience In order for us to understand the importance of IKEA retail environment design and how it can help improve customer experience, we asked 10 questions based on the six factors stated in the conceptual framework; experience positioning, Experience value promise, retail factors, transportation factors, customer factors, design and production. Regarding the experience positioning that reflects the importance of the brand, when asked whether to choose IKEA, the two interviewees gave similar answers because the company has a cost advantage compared to other furniture stores. The female interviewee stated that she chose IKEA because IKEA is generally cheaper than other furniture retailers. Male respondents said that because IKEA products are cheap, they can buy a lot of things for less. The concept of experience value promise explains the importance of customer expectations. When asked whether the respondent will visit IKEA based on the recent experience​​, the female respondent said that she would definitely choose to shop at IKEA again because of her previous shopping experience. Be positive. She felt that she was satisfied with her experience with the company and its products, and mentioned that various products are always being updated. There are always new products coming out, she said, which always makes her curious. She also said that even if she is not satisfied with IKEA and its products, it will not affect her decision to visit IKEA again, because the company always launches new products. The male interviewee said that he would definitely patronize IKEA again because of the wide range of IKEA products, and he felt that no other retailer could compare to IKEA in terms of products and design. Based on their previous shopping experience, we asked respondents whether they would consider recommending IKEA to others. Both interviewees said that they would definitely recommend IKEA to others; female interviewees said that IKEA is so cheap, she would especially recommend this company to young people who are moving out for the first time. The interviewee added that when she achieves a higher income, she may not choose IKEA products. According to her, she is more willing to design her house with products of better quality than those provided by IKEA in the future. Respondents were asked about retail factors, including atmosphere and shopping mall characteristics. On the question of whether IKEA is comfortable to shop, the two respondents answered differently. Read Less