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Instagram as a Marketing Tool

A Case Study about how Companies Communicate their Brands on Social Media

Written by E. Buinac, J. Lundberg

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Thesis: Instagram Instagram is an application for smartphones that provides services for taking pictures or uploading 15-second videos and sharing them with fans. You can also add descriptions (titles) to photos or videos, and search using hashtags or geotags. You can direct the picture to a specific account by adding @ followed by the username in the title. (Instagram, 2015). Hashtag is a way to highlight a word or phrase, but put it after # to make it searchable. All photos with the same hashtag are gathered in the same place on Instagram. Geotagis makes pictures searchable by tagging pictures with geographic locations. All photos with the same hashtag are gathered in the same place on Instagram. 2.3.3 Instagram strategy Instagram account must have complete personal information, including a short and accurate company description, relevant personal information pictures and links to websites/online stores. If you use them, it must also have updated contact information and possible links to other social media forums. It is important that the company actively shares posts to gain dissemination and continuity. In order to build brand awareness, it is important to be consistent across all channels used by the company. (Hemley2013; Bunskoek, 2014) In order to attract fans as much as possible, staying active is very important. There are two ways to do this on the Internet, either by posting pictures on the company’s own account, or on other accounts Through likes and comments. This is to show gratitude, which can bring loyal followers. (Safko, 2012) When posting pictures and videos on Instagram, it is important to find creative combinations of different types of pictures. Hemley (2013) stated that five types of images can increase fan engagement: Customer-centric image content should be customer-centric. When posting on Instagram, it is important to consider: What does this have for customers’ lives? value? How do they benefit? Why are they interested? 2.5 Marketing model Based on the proposed theory, an Instagram marketing model has been created to show how the research will proceed. The model will be applied and tested on the Tegelbruketdesign Instagram account and its followers. It describes how Tegelbruketdesign works on Instagram. The model and its components will be explained below. 2.5.1 For trends to be successful, it is important to understand the trends on Instagram and follow these trends if they support the brand. This is achieved by looking at what other companies are doing and what the followers of Tegelbruketsdesign are doing in order to better understand them. It's also a good idea to use popular hashtags, because people check them often, which can bring more followers. 2.5.2 Personal Information Tegelbruketdesign's Instagram profile is controlled. The profile picture is the company's logo and has a short description, including "Tegelbruketdesign-online shop, interior, inspiration". It also updated contact information and links to online stores. This description is also used on the Facebook site because it is consistent and identifiable across all channels. 2.5.3 Tegelbruketdesign's account It is important that the account reflects what the company and Tegelbruketdesign want to say to the brand. The gallery is inspired and relaxed with light-colored and high-quality pictures to showcase the products in the best way. 2.5.4 Other accounts Like and comment on other people's Instagram accounts help build relationships. Tegelbruketdesign always appreciates their followers; they are social and always answer comments about the company. 2.5.5 Pictures All published pictures must be related to the company, and pictures need to be mixed to ensure that the interest of followers is not lost. Tegelbruketdesign has a "red line" that runs through the gallery and has a good structure between the photos. Three different photo types were selected for analysis: w customer-centric photos w Instagram competition photos. Read Less