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Essay Mercedes benz: The marketing hybrid product term Mercedes-Benz is immediately associated with the world's leading automobile sales brands. They provide a wide range, including all types of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is known for its high-quality sports and family vehicles, combining innovative technology, outstanding safety measures and elegant design with the best materials and engineering quality. Had to look for the Mercedes-Benz star. In terms of passenger cars, Mercedes-Benz currently offers 37 different models. This number includes models from the Mercedes AMG division, which offers more powerful and sportier cars than the standard series. The series offers anything from cars, hatchbacks, estates to SUVs, coupes, convertibles, sports cars and MPVs. Usually, Mercedes-Benz chooses silver as their signature color, which is also displayed on the Mercedes Star (Mercedes, 2019). The color is derived from Silberpfeil, which translates to Silver Arrow. Silver Arrow is the name of the Auto Union Grand Prixmotor race car, which made its debut on the famous Nürburgring circuit. Obviously, the silver arrow should be white, but for the competition's 750 kg limit, it weighs 1 kg. This is why the color was removed, the car took part in the colorless silver and finally won the race (Mercedes, 2019). Until now, Mercedes-Benz can show its talents in Formula One. Since 2010, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team has become the official Formula One team. Lewis Hamilton and Valtery Bottas are their current representative drivers. In 2014, the team won the constructors' championship, and the team has never been defeated since. In addition, since the launch of the V6 turbo engine in 2014, the team has successfully won 74 of the 100 Grand Prix, which is impressive. These numbers represent the quality and engineering of Mercedes-Benz (formula1, 2019). Looking to the future of driving, Mercedes-Benz demonstrated the innovative technology of electric vehicles. As a leader in the field of electric vehicle research and development, Mercedes-Benz has just launched the EQC 400, which is its first purely electric passenger car. The EQC 400 is an SUV with more than 400 horsepower. It provides the usual luxury, sophistication and attractiveness (Saunders, 2019). SUVs have much stronger traction than similar vehicles produced by competitors, so they are worth buying. The design of this car is futuristic and high-tech, and it will take some time to get used to it. However, the main characteristics of Mercedes-Benz still exist, and this innovation will propel the brand into a new decade, because sustainability is an important goal. PlaceMercedes Benz sells its vehicles all over the world. Production takes place on four continents, and products can be obtained through two marketing channels. The first occurred when the vehicle was sold to a wholesaler. The wholesaler sold the vehicle to a retailer, and the retailer was spread all over the country. Customers can buy directly from the retailer, or they can use the second option of ordering a vehicle through an online website. In this way, the vehicle can be individually customized according to the needs of consumers and provide all the functions they wish to include. Mercedes-Benz employs an intensive marketing strategy, including offering its products in as many places as possible to ensure easy access to any consumer. The online system established by Mercedes-Benz is often used for purchases, which is why the company has various partners in the delivery service industry. Another channel for obtaining second-hand Mercedes-Benz vehicles is through various platforms, which are not operated by Mercedes-Benz itself and are exclusively used for resale. Price-wise Mercedes-Benz operates as a high-priced luxury car brand. Therefore, the brand can be found in the luxury goods sector. The market segment of the brand focuses more on quality rather than price, which is why prices designate products as high-end products. Therefore, the pricing strategy used by Mercedes-Benz is premium pricing and competition-based pricing, which are based on its competition and characteristics. This is because Mercedes-Benz faces huge competition in the high-end automotive industry (Davis, 2018). As far as the product itself is concerned, the price is usually between 25,000 and 90,000 pounds, which is on average higher than the price of competitors. The higher price is because Mercedes-Benz provides more features, so customers are actually worth the money. In addition, Mercedes-Benz uses an optional pricing strategy to charge for basic products, but prices vary based on the additional features and equipment that customers can choose. The price of the final product is fixed, which is why wholesalers and retailers make their own profits by buying products at a lower cost (mbasKOOL, 2019). Promotion Since Mercedes-Benz is a high-end brand, this is why their marketing goals have always focused on product safety, precision engineering, and of course luxury goods. Recently, competition has forced Mercedes-Benz to adjust its strategy to suit the competitive landscape that Mercedes-Benz is in. Their focus now is to make the brand closer to consumers and present a more approachable side, full of vitality and fun. In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has expanded their target market and now reaches younger consumers. This is achieved through attractive payment rates and expanded and improved new marketing channels. Read Less