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Luxury Marketing Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces

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Essay: What do today's luxury hotel customers really want? In today’s society, a shift has taken place in defining luxury goods through the experience provided to consumers rather than the actual services or products provided. The definition of luxury varies from guest to guest because it is based on the needs of the guest. Since every guest has different preferences and come from different backgrounds, the luxury hotel industry has become more difficult to please. However, luxury customers have several key values ​​in common. One of the most important aspects that luxury hotel customers want today is customer service. Luxury customers pay large sums of money to get the best service. High-quality service is not only friendly, but also solves the problem the moment they notice it. This is related to efficiency and flexibility. Operations in the hotel should be easy to access, and a framework of specific procedures should be developed to be executed when necessary. Flexibility includes changing plans quickly; this may include requesting room changes and upgrades or changing booking dates. Luxury customers want special treatment and want to be appreciated by employees, which is why employees need to be polite and well-educated in behavior. For this reason, most luxury hotels only tend to hire well-trained staff to ensure the successful operation of internal and external processes. Speaking of the facilities of luxury hotels, guests hope to use the wellness area to relax in the fast-paced life. In addition, it is very important to enter hotel restaurants that provide high-quality meals and well-known restaurants throughout the city. Hotel guests can enter through the hotel’s concierge service. Private swimming pools, gyms, beaches and bars are appreciated, so safety plays an important role. Guests of luxury hotels want to feel safe in the hotel they are staying in. This requires specific facilities such as safety deposit boxes, security and CCTV throughout the premises. Another important factor is comfort. Room service is one of the comfortable and luxurious services that guests like to enjoy during their stay. Of course, comfort also includes the design and high-quality interior design that luxury hotels must provide, providing guests with comfortable beds and room service to ensure that guests stay clean during their stay. In addition, as technology trends and online activities continue to grow, the connection between luxury customers is very important. Luxury customers need the latest technological features, such as booking platforms and smartphone apps, to help them plan holidays or business trips, so they must maintain exclusivity. Hotels need to provide high-speed internet connections as well as TVs and other electrical appliances to match their stay. On the other hand, guests like to use their rest time to be out of touch with daily life. What is the brand value of the Taj Hotel? In India, the name Taj Hotel is a symbol of elegance and quality, which is why one of the brand values ​​of Taj Hotel is excellence. The hotel group flourishes, providing the highest standards of excellence in daily operations. This means that the Taj Mahal Hotel aims to provide the highest quality goods and services in order to achieve great customer satisfaction. This can be confirmed by winning item 7 of the Gallup Excellent Workplace Award, Earthcheck's gold certification for 67 hotels, and the 2018 Best Hotel Governance Award (IHCL, 2020). Taj Hotel takes integrity very seriously. For this reason, the group focuses on transparency and fair and honest treatment, thereby gaining trust, respect and sympathy in its operations. Taj Hotels are more willing to hire people from the lower community and provide 18 months of free hotel training so that future employees can acquire the basic skills required by the industry. This builds loyalty to the organization. The Taj Hotel not only emphasizes the loyalty of its employees, but also emphasizes the guests using its three loyalty programs: Taj Inner Circle Program, Taj Advantage Plus, and Taj Alliance Preferred Partner Program (IHCL, 2020). How should Taj position himself to deal with the competition? Taj has an iconic position in the Indian hospitality industry. The Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai is not only the first hotel opened by the Taj Hotel Group in India, but also the first hotel in India with electricity, elevators, air conditioning, a licensed bar and ice machine (Deshpande and Sinha, 2015). This shows the space occupied by the Taj Mahal Hotel in the market. Today, the Taj Mahal Hotel is the largest hotel company in India by market value. However, in the past few years, India has become more and more popular as a holiday destination. India is a country with strong domestic hotel companies, but in recent years large international brands such as Hyatt, Marriott, and InterContinental have entered the market. This poses challenges for domestic companies (Deshpande & Sinha, 2015). Having said that, in order to ensure a successful future for the Taj Mahal, the company must differentiate itself from the competition by providing its guests with a unique and personalized experience. The Taj Mahal Hotel can use its assets to dispose of breathtaking assets to gain an advantage and add unique elements that are attractive to customers, such as better and more unique facilities and exclusive tours, as well as outstanding customer service. The veritable Taj Mahal Hotel is a unique selling point that foreign companies such as Hyatt cannot get. Marketing it to their advantage will help the Taj Mahal hotel stand out from its competitors. Read Less