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Big Data Management in Sports Industry

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Essay: Big data management in football matches. The use of big data analysis and management in football. Today, as various sports reports on the use of information technology reveal, the data comes from "data collection cameras installed in the stadium to capture all the data. BIG DATA Sports Industry management 10 Regarding game activities and players. Technology provides us with more accessible information-this information is easy to access, allowing spectators to analyze the actions of all players, and at the same time let them understand the dynamics of the team and players through real-time tracking. Player data. By using video analytics, the video material is filtered into usable data about matches, teams, and players. The process is analyzed so carefully so that accurate information can be generated and is sufficient for the situation in which it is used Reality and accuracy (Albright and Wilson, 2017). Computerization Vs. Traditional sports data management. Comparison of computerized sports systems and traditional methods. Decades ago, sports management and monitoring of sports activities was a very cumbersome Tasks related to score recording and game analysis are manually completed on paper by league officials and commissioners. In this highly competitive era of big data analysis and artificial intelligence, most computer activities have been computerized to obtain more accurate Results and efficiency. Before the implementation of computerized data management in sports, athlete statistics were manually captured and integrated, but now they are processed by users within the sports platform. Generally speaking, the use of big data and information systems helps in Changes in performance and efficiency in the sports industry. Challenges related to the use of big data in the sports industry. Data privacy issues. The impact of data mining on privacy issues. After analyzing data mining activities from a legal perspective, we should have no doubt that big data management in the sports industry 11 In some sports, it is unethical to share information that violates the privacy of players. I think some private information that requires the consent of the respective players before sending, such as age and health status. Some situations should be regarded as restricted areas because they are Players are very sensitive. These situations include bankruptcy, divorce, pregnancy and illness (Spaaij, & Thiel, 2017). Data security issues. Cybersecurity attacks have recently increased and are now the main and most notorious threats to the financial stability of institutions in different industries. one. Develop risk and disaster recovery plans It is recommended that the sports industry begin to develop business continuity plans and threat and risk assessment plans. For example, the development of business continuity and disaster recovery plans will enable port agencies to recover from the effects of business failures caused by risks and threats. The use of electronic data management systems and technologies has brought security challenges to these sports teams, so leaders should decide to understand, participate in, and implement information security and threat management, such as disaster recovery plans. Failure to develop these safety strategies may cause them some huge losses and failures, which may lead to complete closure of sports activities (Brown & Brison, 2020). Countermeasures Some real websites are implanted with malicious code and unpatched software, which gives way to hijackers to damage the end user's system. Although you can choose to pay the hijackers responsible for the ransomware attack, this only encourages them and does not guarantee that their systems will be protected in the future. Most of these malware attacks require user interaction to help them enter the device endpoint. With this in mind, any user of the machine needs to take some additional precautions to protect their machine from cybercrime schemes. One of the best practices to mitigate the impact on the machine is discussed below. Use cryptography for data encryption. Data encryption converts data into another form or code so that only people who have access to the key officially called the decryption key or password can Read it. Encrypted data is usually called ciphertext, while unencrypted data is called plaintext. In most networks and communication systems, a secure socket layer is used. The main reason for using SSL is to encrypt confidential information and data sent over the Internet so that only the intended recipient can understand it. Conclusion In recent years, training has become more advanced; especially in monitoring players' peeking performance and even heart rate. The time to record heart rate with two fingers is gone, because in today's society, wearable devices provide real-time data that can help athletes understand when to achieve their best performance and how to maintain this state. The data obtained is timely and reliable information, which refers to information that must be timely, highly authentic, and reliable in order to achieve the required purpose. Read Less